PPSU main physical properties by KDA's method

The physical properties of PPSU products made by our original method.

PPSU physical property made by Smart Molding® method

We tested some physical properties of our PPSU (Poly Phenyl Sulfone) made by our original method "Smart Molding®".

The PPSU material we used for the test is the RADEL® R-500NT (Solvay Specialty Polymers) natural grade pelets.

We show the values of the some physical tests for PPSU test pieces made by general injection molding and our developed Smart Molding, in the below.

• Comparison of PPSU physical property which made by general injection molding and Smart molding®.

  Unit General injection ASTM Smart Molding® ASTM+ISO
Specific gravity   1.29 D792 1.29 D792
Glass transition temperature 220 DSC 221  
Tensile strength MPa 70 D792 81 ISO 527
Tensile elongation rate (yield) % 7.2 D638 7.2 ISO 527
Flexural strength MPa 105 D790 98 ISO 178
Flexural modulus GPa 2.41 D790 2.25 ISO 178
Rockwell hardness   R122 D785 R127 ISO 2039-2
Deflection temperature under load 207 (1.81MPa) D648 212 (1.80MPa) ISO 75
Coefficient of linear expansion µm/m°C 56 E831 54  

Tested on November 2015.
Test pieces: RADEL® R-500NT (Solvay Specialty Polymaers)

• The feature of KDA's PPSU

• The quality is same as general PPSU by injection molding.

• Our PPSU's value of tensile strength is higher than general PPSU's by injection molding.

• Our PPSU's value of deflection temperature under load is a little higher than general PPSU's by injection mold.

• Others

The manufacturing process of our original method "Smart Molding®" is differ from generaly injection molding's. So as a feature in case of thin parts, our products are hard to warp.


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