PEEK main physical properties by KDA's method

The physical properties of PEEK products made by our original method.

PEEK physical property made by Smart Molding® method

Our developed Smart Molding® manufacturing process has contributed to further improve some properties of the high-functional resin super engineering plastic PEEK materials. And by our method which reduce waste, we can provide our products at a low price.

We show the values of the some physical tests for PEEK test pieces made by general injection molding and our developed Smart Molding, in the below.

• Comparison of PEEK physical property which made by general injection molding and Smart molding®.

  Unit Injection molding Smart Molding®
Specific gravity   1.29 1.30
Melting point 337.5 341.0
Flexural strength (at a rate of 2 mm/min) MPa 145 170
Flexural modulus MPa 3400 4200
Tensile break strength MPa 77 (50mm/min) 81 (50mm/min) 100 (5mm/min)
Tensile modulus MPa 3620 3690
Hardness (Shore D) Hs 87 89
Coefficient of linear expansion
Lengthwise x10-5/K 5.06 10.81 5.76 11.67
Crosswise 5.94 13.14 5.85 12.60
Thickness 6.75 15.84 4.98 11.71
Deflection temperature under load (1.80MPa) 148.5 161.3

Tested in March 5, 2015.
Tensile testing machine: Autographag-x plus-20kN manufactured by Shimadzu, Shore D hardness testing: In accordance with ASTM D2240, Melting point: X-DSC7000 manufactured by SII, Specific gravity: ME-33360 manufactured by Mettler, Coefficient of linear thermal expansion: Apparatus of thermo-mechanical analysis TMA (Exstar TMA/SS7100/SII Nano Technology USA Inc.), Deflection temperature under load: Thermal deformation measurement equipment (Heat Distortion Tester HD-PC manufactured by Yasuda), Test samples: In conformity with ISO standards.

• The feature of KDA's PEEK

• In the tests, Flexural strength, Flexural modulus, Tensile break strength, the values of Smart Molding ® are higher than the general injection molding's.

• The value of Deflection temperature under load, the Smart molding®'s 161.3 degree is higher than the general injection molding's 148.5 degree. There is a raise of heat resistant temprature at the Smart Molding®'s.

• Others

The manufacturing process of our original method "Smart Molding®" is differ from generaly injection molding's. So as a feature in case of thin parts, our products are hard to warp.


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