KDA standardized products

Introduction of our products made by our original method.

We have manufactured many products from super engineering plastics. Especially PEEK (Poly Ether Ether Ketone) and PPSU (Poly Phenyl Sulfone) are needed in wide industory fields all over the world.

We have standardized products made from the PEEK and the PPSU, which made by our original developed method "Smart Molding®". Please use our products which are higher quality and lower price than conventional ones.


Available in high temperature, steam, chemicals etc.

Poly Ether Ether Ketone

Semiconductor · Medical · Research · Automobile · Foods etc

• PEEK basic materialsAll standard items 2500!

PEEK rings

PEEK Rings

  • O.D: Ø100 - Ø360
  • T: T10 - T35
  • PEEK: natural, black
PEEK square plates

PEEK Square plates

  • Size:□150 - □400
  • T: T1 - T31 (1mm each)
  • PEEK: natural, black
PEEK circular plates

PEEK Circular plates

  • O.D: Ø100 - Ø360
  • T: T10 - T35
  • PEEK: natural, black

You can choose near shape and size which you need from wide variety of our standard items. In comparison between our PEEK materials and general one, ours has a feature that is "Hard to warp and deform". And we have standardized basic materials, Rings, Square plates and Circular plates, and have achieved hight quality at a low price by our original method "Smart Molding®".

• PEEK ShaftsInsert mold a metal core in PEEK


Making PEEK shafts by insert molding, together a metal core and PEEK. It simplifies the manufacturing process and reduces the cost. Please use our PEEK shafts with the features are high heat-resistance, wear-resistance, and very low impurity emissions.


The heat-resistance is the highest in all clear plastics.

Poly Phenyl Sulfone

Semiconductor · Medical · Research · Foods etc

• PPSU sanitary pipesClear, Steam and Chemical resistance.

PPSU pipes, Elbow

PPSU has the highest heat-resistance in all clear plastics, and has high mechanical strength, chemical-resistance, and can stand many repeat autoclave treatment.

We simplify the manufacturing process and reduce the cost by our original method "Smart Molding®".

  • Thickness T50, Pipe's length L200, Square pipe's length L500.
  • The square pipes are so clear that the flow is seen well, and have mechanical strength.
  • If you need other shapes or sizes, please feel free to contact us.


Visible Flow Plate : Clear 3D pipes in a clear block.

Clear block:PC、PMMA、PPSU  Pipes:PFA、PTFE、Si・・・

Semiconductor · Medical · Research · Foods etc

• Clear Flow BlockEasy to manage and research.

Clear pipes in a clear block


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